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Let’s take a look at the health care available to families in the Peak Sneng area of Siem Reap. Families have access to the Peak Sneng Health Centre, the cost depends on the level of Poor Card the family is registered for.

Patients can present as an outpatient and receive advice and medication, if appropriate, at a small cost. If a patient is admitted to the Peak Sneng Health Centre, they must bring a family member to stay with them who will feed, clean and toilet them. They are also liable to pay costs on a sliding scale, when you have no financial reserves this can be crippling. The patient and the family member caring for them can not work, and often it means finding someone to look after children at home.

The Health Centre is fitted out very sparcely with equipment and medical supplies. We should be very grateful for Medicare insurance.

We donate goods as requested by staff when funds allow. If you would like to make a small donation to the Health Centre please click on the link and 100% of your generosity will go directly to help us fulfil the wish list from the Peak Sneng Health Centre.

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